ONE sorry i have not done CPFRIDAY for like ever so i am so sorry to make up for it enter the codes to get free items! TWO last week friday i met ROCKHOPPER i was in the town and he just walked in i was the only one there
he said hi he said ARR follow me the the apple tribe I ADDED HIM i also got his backround THREE club penguin brought out a new GAME! I have not played it but people say it is so much fun HERE ARE THE CODES THERE IN DIFFERENT COLORS TO SHOW DIFFERENT CODES PUMPKIN1 MMCODE12 HPHONES1 UFOMSKE DSKYRIDE DJUBILEE UDOANZUG EPFAGENT that is all it works with nonmembers too i have not tried all of them yet but most of them work ! I WOULD LOVE TO ADD YOU so comment below or email me your penguin name thanks WADDLE ONE

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