it's me again

hey guys. I it's been so long since I've came on here. Half the things I ever posted on here are so cringe worthy! I don't know if anyone even reads blogs anymore, especially mine but hi. As I've said before I have an instagram with 2700+ followers! oh and don't worry my photos have improved A LOT! I deleted my other blogs but I'm deciding to keep this one because my life would be so different if I never made this blog. Thank you to everyone who ever read a post ilysm.

my instagram is ag_warriors btw #gettingthatselfpromo



wow it's been a while hasn't it? Lots has changed. I bet no one even noticed I was gone. I never stopped loving dolls. Infact I have an instagram for dolls the user is ag_warriors and I'm way more sucessful  on there then here. I don't think I'll ever come back and post regularly. Will anyone even read this?
So thank you to those 33 people who followed me. It's really funny two years and 33 followers and for instagram 1800 in eleven months! I guess I'm a sucky writer. I hope someone comments something nice. If no one reads this then I guess I wasted my time.


American Girl Store

Hey guys it's Amanda- Grace and Kit here 
When I'm typing like this it's Amanda grace 
When I'm typing like this it's Kit
So soon our sisters Ruthie and Josefina are going to AGP 
Yep! It's true. Josefina has to go to the hair salon. Maybe even the doll hospital. 
Maybe even the doll hospital 
(We had to do that for effect) 
So we wanted to know 
What YOU wanted to see at the American girl place!
So comment below what you wanted to see at the American girl place 
 their is a photo shoot of are new sister Molly coming soon.
Thank you everyone who send in photos for