Meet my dolls

Name Saige Teya Peyton Copeland Hobbies Singing acting dancing art riding horses Fav food IDK Pet peeve when her pencil breaks Favorite singer TAYLOR SWIFT Favorite song RED Best friend mckenna Extra stuff about me I AM A TOTAL GIRLY GIRL
Name Madison Jenifer Janelle Rey Nickname MATTY CALL ME MATTY OR YOU WILL NOT LIVE Hobbies Volleyball IS MY LIFE and so is BASKETBALL that is what I live for favorite food PRALINE Pet peeve when no one says good serve in volleyball Favorite singer EWWWWWW MUSIC UGH I like sports better Fav song IDK and why do you care Best friend My older twin sister cecile Age 12 EXTRA INFO I AM NOT A GIRLY GIRL
Name Cecile Nolle Mcfria Wendy Rey Nickname Cece Age 12 Hobbies Fashion Hair And Math Fav food anything french Pet peeve When people Do not care what she thinks Favorite singer Chynne ann mclain Fav song Dynamite  Best friend I think Mckenna and I are pretty good friends
Name Ruth Amber-Lily Smittins Nick name Ruthie  Age 11 Hobbies Nail polish doing hair One directoin FASHOIN fAV FOOD any bread item Pet peeve when no one says nice outfit Favorite singer Bella throne selena gomez Taylor swift Favorite song ttyloxox Best friend Kit
  Name:Josefina Maria Montya
Nickname: Josie
Intrests: Singing playing with animals
Fav food: Quesildias
Hobbies Sewing and weving
Pet peeve When people ignore her  
Fav singer: Jenfier lopez
Fav song ; On the floor    Best friend Amanda grace                     
Name: Amanda-Grace Carly-Rae Robinson
Nickname:Mandy gracie   Age 11 Hobbies Basket ball,Soccer,volleyball,dolls,computers,tv Fav food Chicken Fav singer is Taylor swift Fav song is 22 Best friend Josefina 


Name Marget Kittredge Nick name Kit Age 9 hobbies Basket ball volleyball soccer gymnastics  fav food Lasgana  Pet peeve when people say to be quite Favorite singer Victoria duffield Fav song Break my heart Best friend Ruthie
Name Mckenna Linsey brookes Nick name Kenna Kennie Kenzie Age 11 Hobbies Gymnastics and ONE DIRECTION Fave food fish and chips Pet peeve when she falls Favorite singer\band ONE DIRECTION\Harry Styles Favorite song Thats what makes you beautiful  one  thing  and KISS YOU Best friend Saige


  1. I love Amanda Grace!
    I look like a mix between 13 and 57.

  2. Amanda Grace looks just like me too!

  3. well amanda grace is not my twin she is just a close match

    1. I think Amanda Grace is similar to 25 but I like Amanda Grace better.
      I also really love Josefina, do you recommend her?

    2. OF COURSE BUT her hair is a pain if you want a review you can got the the request page and request a review!

  4. Is Amanda Grace 30 or 40?

    I have 40 and am considering 30.

    If Amanda Grace is 30, do you recommend her?

  5. I wish I had gotten Mckenna so much! Do you like her?

    1. oh yes I LOVE MCKENNA! Her hair is a dream! You can do anything and everything with it!

  6. Do you like Kit?? Do you recommend?

    1. OH SABRINA SHE'S PERFECT! My favorite doll is her! You can do many styles!

  7. Replies
    1. YES! Her hair is amazing,beautiful,curly I could go on forever! She looks great in every outfit!

  8. omg your dolls are fab doll. my fave is sabrina :DDDD how old are you gal? omg omg i WISH i had ur dolls! dolls dolls dolls dolls dolls DOLLS!! #totesamaze #dolls #yummy #hashtag #######hasgtaaaaag #dolls :D <<<333333


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