Its a Craftastic tuesday;making doll clothes!

Hey everyone it's AG4ever here I'm going to show you how to make a simple doll summer top.First you're going to need

- A hole puncher
- some ribbon
- a marker(or pen)
- old clothing(get permission to use first)
- and an iron on patch(optional)  

First,mark where you want the length of the top.Cut the piece off.Put a hole punch in the middle of the piece on both sides.Second,measure ribbon to 19 inches(48 and a half centimeters).Thread the piece of ribbon through the front hole.Thread both pieces through the back hole,and tie like you would for a shoelace.And TA-DA!You have a cute summer top for your dolls.
By the way if you want a dress or night gown just cut to the point you would like! Thank you so much AG4ever for sharing maybe instead of hole punching you could glue it thanks so much anyone wanna share a craft then email me at toygirl02@gmail.com DID YOU DO THIS email me the pictures of them email me at toygirl02@gmail.com thanks i am editing the pictures!

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