Make a mini doll bed!

 Hello! It's Delaney from delaneylovesag.blogspot.com! I have a craft post, which I think you will love!
We are  gonna make a bed for mini's!
What you need:
Mini doll box
scraps of fabric, or ribbon or paper
Mini doll ( to test)
Wrap the fabric or ribbon around, glue it in place.
Add some decor ( Pillows, made from rolled up fabric or ribbon) and add a few ribbons at the end to make it pretty.
Place your Mini on it and maybe put it in your dollhouse, and your done!

I am so honored to be able to post on nevertoooldforag! I love it, it is one of my favorite sites.


i asked Delaney to do a craft and send it and she did that you so much i was trying to figure out how to do this! Where is that button that says that was easy?Thanks for sharing and thank you clarie and horseykidd2012 and asmita for following!


  1. OMGosh thanks! I got back from six flags late so this is why I see this so late. Sorry! You have 6 followers! Just like me! You have a way awesomer blog than me, so you deserve like, 100 followers!

  2. thanks well really i have 5 but you just started! i havent


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