Who gave you this? delaney What is your AG blog? Never To Old For Dolls What is your name/nickname? Toygirl02 What are your AG dolls if you have any? amanda grace  josefina kit  rebecca mckenna and my newest doll RUTHIE What do you post about on your blog?
Anything American Girl!
Which six AG blogs do you nominate? Jordy and American Girl's and cats! and The Spicys!  and americangirlraine.blogspot.com HorseyKidd  American Girl and Other Awesomeness thanks for reading watch out for a new series and a new guess it and maybe my dolls posting


Hi be nice. Be true don't be something that your not. Don't give out personal info like address city and phone number state/province country are fine names are fine but don't say your last name. Age is okay not birthday. Personal convos are fine but if it's more than five comments to someone I won't publish that's what gmail is for. Don't curse or talk about anything that would be rated R. This blog is rated H for happy! I must have these rules so my beautiful followers stay safe xxx-Sam//Toygirl02