book review

KIRSTEN what a great book the best its so fun to read
i think it is well written BRING HER BACK PLEASE! 5 OUT OF 5
Age appropriateness 
good for me sad though made me cry! i dont cry at books this was the second book to make me cry other was felictiy  4 OUT OF 5
Cover Art and illustrations 
Well i read the PC one so i dont know if it is the same but the person who did it was okay could be better but i say 3 AND A HALF OUT OF FIVE

Educational value 
I did not learn anything i guess i already knew this but i say 3 OUT OF 5
I do not know it was okay i guess you can say it was so 4 OUT OF 5
Over all  a great book i think it is a good book to buy and share with a friend! 5 OUT OF 5
 NOTES it is great go read it i say BRING HER BACK! I do not have her but I want her now this is lovely it is well written maybe it is not the best book for a 6 year old to read before bed time though i am going to read the others
marta dies that shocked me i jumped out of my seat i dropped the book and started to cry HOPED YOU ENJOYED

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