How did you get your first ag doll?

well around the holidays i was amazon and i saw these little doll sized theatre chairs. i clicked the sight where they were from and i was at the ag site! i clicked on dolls, and at the time i thought the only doll was kit. i hadn't gotten a present yet so my mom got me kit!

Name ALL of your AG DOLLS!

 wow ok ill do all the ones i ever got in the order i got them.

ruthie (no longer have)                                    
elizabeth (no longer have)
gwendylon #6 (no longer have)
claire mag #41                          
lanie (no longer have)
felicity (no longer have)
marisol (no longer have)
samantha (no longer have)
cecile (no longer have)
josie mag #53
hannalexis mag #30
finch-glimmer jly #5
brooklynn #33
kaitlynn #12
penelope #56
sierra #55

so those are all the dolll ive had and have!

Why did you start blogging?

i wanted to have a place where i could write about my dolls, and to post, and post videos, and so people could get to know me more!

Any doll that is on the top of your to get list?

well i sorta want caroline but with green eyes, and sorta #39, and a custom doll with feathered eyebrows #24s hair,eyes, and freckles!

Do you play with your dolls often?
yes! i like to do there hair and re-do the doll room, and do photo shoots and videos with them.

whats your favorite thing to play?

 well i love to do there hair! i love doing the complex styles, and the challenges with the dolls with short or super long hair!

Whats the closest ag store to you?

definitely the seattle store. i am less than an hour away!

How many ag stores have you been too?

2! seattle like a gizziolion times (i practically know the store by heart its sad) and new york once! Thanks Agcat/Clarie below are a couple of pictures thank you so much i had lots of fun!

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