Hi I am Emma Grace! a girl who takes risk my best friend is my skate board! I hate dresses but mother says a proper lady BLAH BLAH BLAH anyways I am gonna tell you about a day that i am still in shock about!

I was riding my skate bored like i do every day when a limo pulled up I muttered o no

Brittney came out she thinks she is the queen

I stood there waiting for an insult and guess what? I did!

EMMA LOOK YOUR DRESS IS UGLY IS IT MADE FROM A CHICK FEED SACK yelled Brittney I muttered it is better than yours but I know it was not then another limo a much smaller limo pulled up this time it was

Jessica she turned Jessica and I use to be besties then Brittney came

JESSICA COME HERE wailed Brittney

Jessica please say Emma grace that her dress is UGLY yelled Brittney ummmm muttered Jessica LOOK HER SWEATER DOES NOT MATCH yelled crazy Brittney

BRRRIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNG I could here the school bell ring I hoped on my skate bored saved by the bell I thought thank you bell I said to myself

LATER ON class time i sat down i did not talk BRRRRRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNG the bell rang oh no now I hated the bell I would have to put up with them

I grabbed my coat and sat outside my pockets felt heavy

Brittney cornered Mariana oh Mariana is the nicest girl so sweet she gives to those that do not have even when she barely has

Your shirt is lying said Jessica like if she was reading a script

Brittney hit Mariana

and kicked

LATER ON The snobs were talking about girly things

I walked by Brittney was talking good about me

I am so sorry for everything she gave me a hug my pockets felt less heavy but I do not know why

Brittney gave Jessica a high five Jessica gave her a fake high five hmm I wounder why


  1. Cool photostory! Everybody always make Mckenna the girl who bullies :( She should be given good roles :p

  2. Nice. What did McKenna(aka Brittney) steal??


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