One day all the girls gathered around in ruthies room

I AM BORED yelled josefina kit said LETS GO CAMPING! Everyone cheered expect

amanda grace she hated the woods

everyone talked singed played games amanda grace had fun untill ruthie said TIME FOR BED

mckenna and amanda grace shared a tent it was dark amanda grace was scared mckenna went in first she could barely see her amanda grace toldd mckenna she was scared of the dark

Smart mckenna brought a flashlight she turned it on she said lets keep it on all night

so mckenna set it down

amands grace crawled in  she was so happy

the two girls went to sleep and had a great day THE END ps even though i wrote a story of camp i never camped out before!PPS tomorrow caroline comes out and its my 70th post remember to be the first one to comment to get a prize via email and E prize Have a great day


  1. That's a cute story! Wow, 70 posts! That's a lot!

  2. well not yet tomorrow i will have the post be about caroline remember to be the first one to comment to get an E prize

  3. I will try to remember! When you get back from school, remember to check your spam inbox!
    and BTW...... love the new design!

  4. i do check the spam but its empty i had the design when i first started then you got i wanted to change it but you had it so i changed i have a blanket with the same pattern!

  5. ps dont you just love my little tent

  6. no way of course not! My mom worked at a store and they had it for display and they were throwing it out so my mom took it and gave it to me it fits two dolls! and the flash light is a key chain!

  7. That's so cool!
    Good luck at school!


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