messy barbie girl

this is my room i am playing with babries and it looks pretty messy


The store

some of my barbies

better view

So yes i am a messy barbie girl with over 50 BARBIES  i got my first barbrie when i was THREE it was a tinker bell one even though i am in to AG now I WILL ALWAYS BE A BARBIE GIRL EDIT THIS IS MY 99TH BLOG POST what should my 100th post be?


  1. Cool! I used to have lots of barbie's and a house and lots of playsets but I sold them and bought a dog with it.

  2. Oh and BTW 100 posts almost! WOW! You should do a photostory of your doll celebrating!

  3. hmmmmmmmmm thanks i will keep that in mind could you remind me go to the request page


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