My christmas post

O my gosh CHRISTMAS IN SIX DAYS AND WE HAVENT GOT A TREE! Ruthie ran to kits room

Kit get up we have to decorate the tree! Ruthie yelled 
Okay kit said

Shhhhhhhhhh Mckenna said Sorry but we have to get the tree ready ruthie said

Oh no Mckenna called a family meeting


yes said kit and josefina

EVERYONE was there

Kit found the stuff and decided to sit in it

(this was on instagram) Thats NOT where the lights go amanda Yelled ruthie

I am in CHARGE yelled ruthie


The Tinsel was to long so kit cut it

Everyone has a ordemant with their name

Ruthie and kit


Cecile found some more

Cecile did not know where to put hers

She put it by josies (Josefina)

Cecile loved the tree Everyone has a name just there was no pictures

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