What wanted you to make a blog?

Do you ever think you will stop lo
ving dolls?

Who was your first ag doll? How did you get her?

Have you been to an AG place? If so which one?

Do you want more dolls? Do you have a limit?

How many Ag dolls do you have what are their names?

Thanks for the interview!
I hope not! But i will never sell any of my dolls
Claire MAG # 32 was my first AG doll. I got her Christmas 2009.
Yes, I have been to the ag store. I've been to the one in Atlanta about 4 four times.
Yes I do want more dolls. I don't have a limit but I don't think my mom wants me to get anymore
I have 5 AG dolls. Claire MAG #32 Lanie GOTY 2010 Molly Historical Emily historical Kaliey GOTY 2003-04 
 Thanks for the interview madz

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