The Other Side:Part 3 of

Mia came running,she tattles on people alot! She's nice though.

Hi I just saw Jessica crying she said you were being mean.Said Mia calmly

Brooklyn,Lucy,Kaitlyn what did you do.She said it with all her focus on me.

I didn't know what to do. I couldn't let them take the blame for something they didn't do!

I said something mean because she said something mean that hurt me! So,she makes fun of me! I snapped

so then you know how it feels mumbled Mia as she walked away.

I didn't know I was bullying her.
I really didn't know but it hurt. When I knew. It hurt.I guess I need to be more gentle
So,STOP what your doing and think.Did I hurt her.STOP and think.
 I will sum this up in another post,tell me what you think about it.


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