I want I want

GRAH! I want Molly! :( I have money but I'm lazy to spend it
OKAY RANT but its okay cause its an AG rant
I wish american girl was free
I want to get Molly 
But only cause she retiring
I feel spoiled cause of my all dolls
I'm gonna donate them to charity when I get older so I don't feel bad about buying them 
I want Molly so later I can sell her for a fortune 
And use the money for a good cause
I'm gonna download some programs
So I can make a stop Motion with voices 
I really want to meet Ali from girl of the year studios or agoverseasfan or basilmentos cause they are awesome and really pushed me to work on agtube! 
I want to meet char and Natalie from doll diaries because they pushed me to start this blog 
I want them to do a meet up at AGP Seattle 
I want to meet my favorite agtubers 
Most of the ones I sub to and watch 
So if basilmentos Ali agoverseasfan cupcakesforag and madison7000 ever have a meet up at AGP Seattle tell me please or if you ever have a meet up at AGP Seattle let me know
I want everything from AGs new release
I finished school yay
It's gloomy outside and kinda cold
I miss school
And some one take me to LA!

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