New ag Items / 170th post

Hi! I'm a SUPER  late on doing this  but anyways, here goes!

Cute I guess but not enough for me to want or on my dream list I'm good with making a locker out of a box 

Cool I want it it looks like a great piece for those chilly summer nights 
I don't like it I like the black one better 

A doll carrier for mini dolls? No thanks not wasting my money on that!

I got arms I can use them

CUTE!!!! She looks like Jade from little mix!

Don't love her but I don't hate her 
This is cute Matty will probably get this

A witch costume? In summer? What? I'm so confused!
THIS IS SO CUTE I love it!

The food doesn't come out? Again ag again?

I don't know I don't really like them
Cute I like them. Maybe in my size please?

I'm pretty sure we can find a way to make these

Clip hanger? No thanks I don't need those 

 the white socks? Those look like their for an eight year old I'm just saying! If its less then $18 I might buy
The pants are cute! Don't like the shirt though 

This is cute!! I'm probably will never get it though!

This screams clown! 

Cute but not for me 

 Probably expensive 

I don't know looks like a three year old outfit 


Cute I like the jeans only the hoodie can go with something else

Alot of bloggers hate this! I agree
Awesome I need that 

I really want one for mckenna 

These look a little to big I defiantly have to see it on a doll in person 

I can make one my self 

I love this 

I love this tooo

I like this one too but I won't be getting it untill maybe next year 


I love this! But it makes Saige look heavy I saw someone's vlog and she doesn't look heavy in person I think it's only online and the shoes? Really

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  1. I really want Saige's tunic outfit and some of those scenes would be nice to have too.


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