what. Goodbye?

hey people comment please! Every time you comment I smile Click there for my rants Here I'm late but heres my bloglovin thingy Bloglovin My dolls have a blog click here to  see it whats the point of blogging if know one sees it so I think I'm done I see blogs with two comments and I wish that was me so please comment!


  1. I totally understand...I see people who get 18 comments per post...I'm lucky if I get 1..:)

  2. I read ALL of your posts! NEVER LEAVE! Your blog is one of my favorites!!! <3 :D

  3. Sam. ♥
    I understand exactly how you are feeling.
    Just keep your head up and remember...how many people youve met on here. :)

    x Emma

  4. You'll always be a great part of the AG Blogging world..never give up!


    You were my very first friend in this cyber world. You were my first follower. My first everything!♥ Remember in Feburary when I switched accounts? I lost all the blogs I was following, and I tried to gt back into following all of them, but for some reason yours didn't make it >.< I will follow it with my new account right now. Please don't leave, Sam. If you need some inspiration listen to Change Your Life by Little Mix and The Climb by Miley Cyrus (I know she is trashy now, but that song is really inspiring). <3

    Love, Kathy


Hi be nice. Be true don't be something that your not. Don't give out personal info like address city and phone number state/province country are fine names are fine but don't say your last name. Age is okay not birthday. Personal convos are fine but if it's more than five comments to someone I won't publish that's what gmail is for. Don't curse or talk about anything that would be rated R. This blog is rated H for happy! I must have these rules so my beautiful followers stay safe xxx-Sam//Toygirl02