Give up?

I think I'm gonna give up guys everyone hates me
They hate my design 
I've been here for two years with only twenty followers and only two who comment so I guess I'm done blogging. 
Who knows if ill ever post again.


  1. Why give up? That would be letting the bullies win! Show them that their unkindness won't stop you from doing what you love! :)

  2. DON'T LEAVE!!!!! We all love your blog! Please don't leave! I'd miss you!

  3. Please don't quit! You are one of the few old bloggers left! Kathryn left, and so many more! Please, please, please, please, please, please, pretty pretty please with sugar and a cherry on top don't leave! Your new blog design is absolutely GORGEOUS! And so are you! You're amazing, and don't forget it! Those people who say they hate you must have NO life! Your followers will always be here to support you! And I read all of your posts! You have 31 followers, some of them are just silent readers, and some people don't have permission to follow, so they just read your blog. We all love you, and don't you forget it! :) <3

  4. Don't leave!! ;( I'll miss you!!

  5. OH MY WORD NO. PLEASE. The new design is adorable, you're an awesome blogger...please stay...or just take a break, like i am..


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