Hi i backerz I went to this craft fair and got DOLL CLOTHES yay!! My dolls have new christmas outfits! I will take pics when i get their tree! I made the outreach team at school so yeah. Did you hear about mg and c in sale cool huh? We bye got to go do homework and then i have to go to gymnastics to be like mckenna READY TO WORK..... AND READY TO FLY !!!! Adios amigas Toygirl02


  1. http://sweetandsimpleblogdesigns.blogspot.com/ go here to get a design, I don't have time to do it SUPER fast......she is really good at them.... THANKS!

  2. Can't wait to see pictures!!! I didn't know you took gymnastics, I've always wanted to but I just never could perfect a cartwheel... What kind of stuff can you do? :D

    1. I am not a mckenna!I used to when i was 3 I WAS THE BEST key word WAS I didnt do it anymore. But I am taking a program for girls who USED to do gymnastic. At the end she gives us all levels. I will probly land in level 3-4 then i will be a mckenna! I have to jump from bar to bar AND I CAN DO IT!!

    2. Awesome! I used to do dance but then I got a teacher who made us do crazy stuff like splits against a wall and hand stands against the wall and I didn't like it because we didn't really dance anymore we would just warm up for the whole class. :)


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