Can you guess what ruthie kit or santa is saying


  1. Kit: Omigoodness Santa Claus! I'm so glad to see you, did you get my letter? Can you get me everything on it?
    Ruthie: KIT!!! Argh, hi Santa how are you? did you get MY letter?
    Santa: Hohoho, uh, gotta run!
    Kit and Ruthie: WAIT SANTA!!!

  2. Kit: Ruthie Look it's Santa
    Ruthie: Yippie we get to tell Santa what we want!
    Santa: (starts talking in spainsh)
    Kit: well I guess we'll have to find a diffent Santa
    Ruthie: Well lets go then!

  3. Kit:Wow Santa looks like a statue!
    Ruthie:I know right HEY SANTA!? (Waves hand over face) I think he is a statue
    Ruthie: :O Santa what made you look like a statue?
    Santa:Plastic Surgery??


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