How to make a Doll SANDWHICH WITH Nina!

Hi everybody! I am Nina, from americangirlandotherawesomeness.blogspot.com! I have 4 AG dolls and one mini doll. Today I will tell you how to make a doll sandwich!
                                                                                                    You Will Need:
                                                                           1 sheet of white cardboard
                                                                           2-4 sheets of foam
                                                                           Scissors and a glue stick

1. Cut the cardboard in to equal squares.
2. Cut the foam into red circles for tomatoes, squiggly green things for lettuce, yellow squares for cheese, brown and purple bobs for peanut butter and jelly, or whatever else your imagination can come up with!
3. Assemble the sandwich like this:            Bread
                                                                    Bread   and then glue it.
4. Give your new sandwich to your doll for lunch!
Thank you toygirl for letting me guest post!

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