American Girl Tiffany

So I was fiddling around with my youtube on my ipod and I remebered a few months ago I found this channel called American girl tiffany i searched youtube watched the latest videos. I noticed her recent activy was liking her other channel.So I watched some videos of hers.I noticed a tag she did called the Little Things tags so that caught my eye. Her friend Toni started the tag I wanted to do it too! So here I go!
Okay so the first question is One thing that makes you feel beautiful? Its when I get 4 or more comments on a post It makes me feel great!
2 what's something people commpliment on? That's easy my sense of humor! Everyone finds me funny. At first I thought I was the only one but my class always laughs at my jokes
3What's one of your insceureties? My height! I hate looking down at people! I hate walking where the high schoolers hangout cause I am taller then some of them. I am 5'2
4 If you could tell every inscure oersin in the world one thing what would you say? A perfect girl isn't real and a real girl isn't perfect~Harry styles
5 Do you talk in your sleep? No but in my dreams if I laugh I would laugh in my sleep.
6 Little things you appreciate about life? That I am healthy and I can live forever in heaven!
7 Favorite little things about someone I love? Is probly my friend she's two years older then me but she is so funny! I love that she doesn't care what people think. She has friends in grade 2 to grade 12! Her personality is awesome!
8 Some thing some one said to make me self conscious? Is when the say hows the weather up this was last year.I took it sirecly and started to bend my knees and walk to be shorter but now it's gotten better.
9 If you could change one thing about you would you.? No God made me like this and I shouldn't change myself
10 What's one thing you would never change? My christainty my passion for God is something I would NEVER change.

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