Hi guys! Super sorry can't post alot. My computer is slow. I'll have to clean my laptop and use it! My only device is my Ipod so if you still want me to read post and comment make sure you have your link on Doll diaries! I missed josies birthday. ;( Her and amanda grace are two days apart! Isn't that cool! How the day I got them both two days later it is josefina's REAL BIRTHDAY!!!! Awesome sauce! The day kit came via mail the next day was her birthday!! I know even MORE awesome sauce! I am working on my youtube! I have 2 unfinshed projects. One finshed one. I'll upload soon. The contest is goning to have to wait. So will the photo story. I got this computer and I need to find out how to upload photos on this. So we'll have to see! BYE AWESOMESAUCE PEPOLE. You are the bom.com! Selena Gomez is coming out with a new song. Can't wait!

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