Know your not alone


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    1. KATHRYN!!!!!!!! :D :D :D *Virtual hug!!*

      Oh my gosh!!! HIII!!! Girlie I've been looking all over for you (not to sound stalker-ish lol)!!! Seriously I've been crazy busy with life, and the other day I went to visit your blog and I was locked out of it :( So I've been searching all these different doll blogs to see if you've commented on them- DUH why not this one you always talked about this one!!! Oh my gosh like the excitment that I have right now is to much to handle lol! I really want to catch up but I don't want to make this to long and distract from toygirl02's AWESOME post!! :) So yeah.. hii!!! :D

    2. MANDI!!! I changed the urls on all fo them, they are viewable now! I missed you :(

    3. Oh! That explains alot :) oh my goodness I missed you to!!! I've been crazy busy and just haven't been able to comment that much. Oh my gosh how are u?? :)

    4. Can you please not have personal convos please don't mean to sound rude

    5. Oh, I'm sorry Toygirl! I just haven't chatted with Kathy in forevvs :) I didn't even think about that- again, sorry! :)

  2. Awesome! My fave is probably the last one!

    1. Thanks so much! I think it was my best one too!


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