it's me again

hey guys. I it's been so long since I've came on here. Half the things I ever posted on here are so cringe worthy! I don't know if anyone even reads blogs anymore, especially mine but hi. As I've said before I have an instagram with 2700+ followers! oh and don't worry my photos have improved A LOT! I deleted my other blogs but I'm deciding to keep this one because my life would be so different if I never made this blog. Thank you to everyone who ever read a post ilysm.

my instagram is ag_warriors btw #gettingthatselfpromo

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Hi be nice. Be true don't be something that your not. Don't give out personal info like address city and phone number state/province country are fine names are fine but don't say your last name. Age is okay not birthday. Personal convos are fine but if it's more than five comments to someone I won't publish that's what gmail is for. Don't curse or talk about anything that would be rated R. This blog is rated H for happy! I must have these rules so my beautiful followers stay safe xxx-Sam//Toygirl02