Q How many dolls do you have?
 I have 4 AGs, 1 AG mini doll, 2 Madame Alexanders, 1 Springfield, and 1 Our Generation.

Q Do you want more if so who?
Yes. I would like to get Saige, Molly, #53, Felicity, and a Corrole doll.

Q Do you share any dolls?

Q Do you play with your dolls often?
Every day!

Q Whats your favorite game to play with your dolls?
 I like to make stop-motions with them, and dress them up and do their hair.

Q When did you get your first? Who was your first?
Mary (#23) was my first and I got her in 2007.

Q Have you been to an ag place?
Yes, I have been to AGPNY and AGP Boston, and I am going to AGP Washington DC in the spring.:)

Q Whats your ag dolls name?
    Mary, Ruthie, Lanie, and Caroline, and I have Mini Felicity.

Well thanks so much for the interview

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